the working 4 wine story

After noticing the attractive art work exhibited on many wine labels, we decided to recycle them.  Our objective was to preserve and highlight the artistic work on the wine bottle and create a high quality, completely natural and extremely clean burning candle.  Working 4 wine candles are made using 100% soy, high quality , lead free, cotton wicks and essential oils.  We pour our candles by hand in small batches in our home studio in Brookhaven, GA.  The scents are fully incorporated into the melted soy wax (not just in the top layers as is the case with some candles) and evoke a healthy, relaxing ambiance from from first burn to finish.  

Soy is advantageous because it burns much slower than paraffin wax and releases no toxins into the environment.  Since soy candles burn at half the rate of paraffin wax, a soy candle will last twice as long.  Soy is also an important crop for AMERICAN farmers.  

By keeping our creative process local and recycling wine bottles from our own stash and from local wine merchants, we create a high quality candle at a great value.  Each candle is topped with a cork, marked with our sealing wax and presented in a gift bag, tied with bakers twine.  Please see our Gallery of Candles for some examples of our work, before they are placed into their gift bags.  We hope that the attractive presentation of Working 4 Wine soy candles and their pleasing scent will enhance your day!  To maximize the scent, allow a full soy wax pool to form within the candle and keep the wick trimmed to about 1/4 inch.  

Either given as a gift, or for your own enjoyment, working 4 wine soy candles make any occasion special.  If you have a special bottle that you would like to have made into a candle, contact Paul using the tab above or take it in to one of our retail locations (Brookhaven Wines or Crafted Westside).  See tab above for more information concerning Retail Locations.

Our candles retail for $25 each or $100 for a pack of 5 assorted.  Contact us via the tab above to order candles and for shipping costs.

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