Featured Fragrances - 100% soy, 100% natural

 Holiday Hike:  The uplifting fragrances of the forest:  Fir, Balsam and Cedar Leaf with a little clove and cinnamon.

The Great Pumpkin:  The name says it all!  Heirloom pumpkin scent, given some jazz with cinnamon and spices.  

Firehouse Cider:  A clean mixture of apples, enhanced with herbs and spices.  Inspired by crisp air and cider mills.

Tuscan Harvest:  Reflects and autumn celebration of the Tuscan fields:  mulled apple cider and peaches.

Rosemary Mint:  One of our best selling fragrances.  Like fresh herbs from the garden, this clean and refreshing fragrance is 
                            appropriate for any season.

Citrus & Spice:  The bright, exhilarating air of citrus blended with cloves.

 FRASIER FIR!  We sold out quickly last year, so please place your order.  The refreshingly crisp fragrance of one of America's most 
                           loved Christmas trees.  Do you hear sleigh bells?

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